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When our friends at Bass Pro Shops asked us to develop a brand new, more technical outdoor brand than what you might expect to see at the Grandaddy of Outdoors Stores, we created it from the ground up. Implementing our branding process (and with plenty of trail mix handy), we defined a unique brand position and drove it across every consumer touch point from brand identity up through package design, social, experiential, digital and national television.


It wasn't our mad lacrosse skills that won us this piece of business (trust us). It was a campaign that positioned a storied, powerhouse brand away from the loud, style-over-substance work that was infesting the category. Brine has long been the brand of elite college teams and pros as well. For them, it's known as the choice for those with the character of a team captain- the guys who put team first and who talk softly but carry a big stick. Our #everyvictoryearned campaign took that message to the masses.


Our recent social media effort for Majestic, Major League Baseball's official jersey, brought us together with numerous big league stars including Pittsburgh Pirate Jason Grilli. Turns out Jason's quite a salesman and his hit video generated enough social buzz via Twitter and Facebook that it made the news in Pittsburgh. Just wait until you see the torrid dressing room scene.


Something very special happened in a tiny tin shed in Hope, Arkansas in 1946. Paul W. Klipsch invented the Klipschorn forever altering the way music lovers could connect with their favorite music. Our Keepers of the Sound campaign sheds light on the true story of the great American speaker company for the first time. It's a testament to the radical thinking and rebellious nature of Paul W. Klipsch and to the ongoing passion at Klipsch to keep his dream of the perfect sound alive and well.


For advisors dealing with the corporate bureaucracies of "big box" investment firms, Stifel is a welcome sign in an otherwise stifling landscape. Our "We Think You'll Like It Here" campaign cuts through the red tape of rival firms by personifying them in the awful, non-people person of Fred Tape. By humorously highlighting common ways financial firms and upper management limit their advisors' abilities, K/S showed that Stifel understands advisors better than anyone else and provides an environment where they can truly grow personally and professionally.


Tracker boats are reliable, they're versatile and they're a great value. But when we were asked to develop this campaign, people weren't aware that you can do almost everything on a Tracker boat that you can do on a big, costly fiberglass boat. Our charge was to get them thinking along these lines. After all, Tracker boats don't just make waves, they make memories. With insightful headlines and balanced design, we fused the rational and emotional propositions bringing new relevance to this classic American icon.


Last year, the St. Louis Blues brought Kuhl/Swaine in to help share ownership's new vision with Blues fans everywhere. Our campaign made a simple statement: it's time to cherish the rich, deep history of this franchise while we work toward a winning future with exceptional players and legendary leadership. Featuring imagery and memories that span the history of the club, this work united generations of fans like never before under a single battle cry. Long Live the Note!


Times change. The Alvarez commitment to handcrafting world-class guitars does not. For over fifty years, this iconic brand has been the choice of artists like Johnny Cash, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Paul McCartney and Carlos Santana. While always at the forefront of innovation, Alvarez's master luthiers push the boundaries of pure guitar design in adherence with simple principles and unique, time-honored methods handed down through the generations.


We've created some very solid work for the iconic Rawlings brand. Our latest creative endeavor features San Francisco 49ers star linebacker Patrick Willis espousing his love for their newest helmet. Rawlings and Willis tweeted :07 to :10 second segments with the full length spot/video as the finale. It caught fire socially with documented views well into the millions. It's like the Patrick Willis of content.


We've been working with our friends at Bass Pro Shops for almost a decade now. In that time, we've moved them from standard price-item retail commercials to a fully integrated campaign. We've connected with loyalists and expanded the customer base by exposing the emotional benefit of the brand like never before. We've also helped Bass Pro build traffic during promotional windows with a long-running comedy campaign featuring members of the ever-growing Bass Pro Shops Family. Insert bad fishing pun here.


Over the years, we've had more than our fair share of ads run on the Superbowl for big, global brands with big, global budgets. We also pride ourselves in generating great work for brands in earlier stages of their life cycles. For this Bertucci brand film, we utilized existing imagery and a simple audio track to carve out a niche for the unique people seeking this unique timepiece. The piece demonstrates how a simple, compelling voice can breakthrough on a noisy, crowded landscape. And that great branding is not always dependent on how much you spend.